Amphitrite Express
The only submersible train.
Some attributes
Type Train
Route London to Paris
Cost £85 (first playthrough)

Free (second playthrough onwards)

Hearts Depleted 0

The Amphitrite Express is a railway line serving between London and Paris. It is known to be the only submersible train in the world which earned it the nickname of the "mer-train" in the London newspapers. If you go on your first run in 80 Days, this route is the only route you can embark on.


First playthrough only: Passepartout and Phileas Fogg are late for their train which departs at 8:25pm. As a result, Passepartout can't purchase tickets from the booth but instead buy them from the guard which costs them £85. A guard alerts them about the train which would submerge into the English Channel. Continued at all playthroughs.

Second playthrough and onwards: The two board the train for Paris where they have the tickets for the journey. After boarding, Passepartout has the chance to converse with Jules Verne about journeys onward. Continued at all playthroughs.

All playthroughs: The train submerges into the English Channel where by early morning it comes back to the surface at Calais, France where the train arrives at Paris.