The start and end of your journey.
Market? NA
Bank? NA
Hotel? NA

London is the starting and ending city in 80 Days. The player (Passepartout) and Phileas Fogg have to travel around the world from London and back within eighty days.

Plot Edit

Phileas Fogg returns from the Reform Club and explains to his valet, Passepartout that they will be traveling around the world to win a wager. Passepartout has now the responsibilities of selecting the routes, manage finances and packing items for the inevitable departure.

Packing Items Edit

Before departing London, the player has the choice of packing a few items from Fogg's apartment. Usually 2 to

Wool Shirts and Wool Trousers will always show up in your inventory

The Evening Jacket will always show up as one of the items to pack into your inventory. All other items shown are randomized when you begin a new journey around the world.

The following items may or may not appear in Fogg's apartment:

Sailor's Cap

Pair of Galoshes

Top Hat

Wax Cylinder

Deck of Cards

Russian Train Timetable

African Airships Timetable

European Train Timetable

Ottoman Railways Timetable

Add more to list...

Routes from London Edit

Destination Route Name Mode Suitcase Cap. Hearts Depleted
Paris Amphitrite Express Train One None
Cambridge Cambridge Mail Car Carriage One -5 Hearts